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Hello all,

So after breaking out pretty bad (finally almost gone, can't wait) I started infrequently shaving. But when I did have some acne, I always dreaded shaving and the irritation that would soon follow. I use gilette razor with gilette sensitive shaving cream. but after using a razor for some years, I'm kinda tired of it and the irritation.

so any good electric razors out there that other users like? I know i won't get as close a shave, but hey its getting winter and maybe a little scruf will keep me warm hahah.

also another question, I've never used an electric razor and none of my friends use one, do you guys prefer to use shaving cream with it or what?

i was reading the sticky thread at the top and it said that you should fill the sink with hot warm and dip your face in it, does anybody else find that, that is kinda gross haha? I mean its a sink and the sides are dirty. I just fill a tuberware bowl, put in micro for 30 seconds and dip a hot rag in it then put it over my face for a couple minutes.

thanks all! sorry its kinda long and numerous questions but i broke it up so its clearer to read

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if you have the money you can get great electric shavers. i personally have the braun (braun products are great!, more so than norelco and panisonic) 8985 with self cleaning system. i have had it for 6 + years, and found that wet shaving had irritated my skin and promoted acne to my face. i have been acne free for going on 7 years now and i believe making that switch over to electric was a positive and a big part of the process. wet shaves do shave closer to your skin but they also dry the skin and strip off oils and the acid mantle there to protect your skin, electric shaving does not. i always keep a mild beard, and i usually shave once a week.

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