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Identify My Acne, Please (Picture)


Sorry for the weird angle, my ear is on the bottom left and my chin is towards the top right, and this is my cheek. I have these little damn bumps everywhere, I don't know what type of acne they're classified as and I don't know what type of treatment to get! Benzoyl Peroxcide does not help, and I have this Salicylic Acid treatment that I've been applying for the past few days and it's doing nothing but making my skin shiny. Help me please! They make my self esteem so low. sad.png

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Do you exfoliate at all? A great way to gently exfoliate without irritating the skin is simply using a washcloth to wash your face at night. Use the washcloth in small circles all over your face. Don't scrub really hard, just apply enough pressure so that you can feel the circles.

On a side note, make sure to use a clean washcloth each night, as a wet washcloth can harbor bacteria.

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i have the exact same thing!, i also dont know what it is..im thinking on using mandelic acid , ive read it works wonders on blackheads u should look into it:)

good luck on ur skin !

let me know if u find anything helpful (:

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