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What Do I Do Now To Make My Skin Look Good?

I am a 51 year old man with a history of rosace and acne. I want to know what I should do here and now to make my skin look its best. Should I exfoliate? What types of procedures should I do?


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you need to stop using soaps and everything on your face. you need to allow your skin to heal on its own and to restore its own oil and acid mantle balance. do not touch your face, it irritates it. do not place hot/warm water on your face, use cool water to splash your face morning and night (do this for around 2 minutes). hot and warm water dry your skin out (for rosace sufferers that is terrible) and you need to avoid it like the plague. do not put any chemicals on your skin. your acne needs to heal on its own and chemicals, hot/warm water thwart that process. take cool short showers and do not wash with soap, only shampoo on your head, armpits and genitals, tilt your head back to rinse out shampoo (do not let excess shampoo to rinse down your face). after shower splash cold water on your face and that is all, do nothing else. surfectants are very bad for you skin and create irritated, dry/flaky/dead skin, and imbalanced oil production.

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