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Tca Cross- Please Share Your Tca Cross Stories Here!

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Hi I have recently joined and noticed that there doesnt seem to be one topic board for people who have used or want to use TCA Cross for scars etc.... the information is scattered.

I have large pores and blackheads on my nose and am wanting to use the TCA Cross method, but it is so scarey as I am not sure if it will help the large proes or make them worse.... Recently I just bought a product called Bio Peel from ebay which apparently uses less harsher chemicals and acids than what the TCA Cross method uses.

Please share your stories here on using TCA cross, or if you want to ask questions, please do so here and maybe we can help each other on the topic...

Regards, Trent


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Umm, there are TONS. You need to search 'tca cross' and you'll be busy reading for days. There's actually one right on this page. One thread has 22648i40 posts.smile.png

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I justw ant it on the holes on my nose...the large pores are really getting me down. I got a peel called Bio Peel and the chemicals arent as harsh as the ones used in TCA cross. What were your side effects, if any?

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side effects is black hole for the next 8-12 days. LOL Make sure the scab stays on for a long period of time. (the longer the better the results) Once the scab is off, that area will be pink. You will have to keep moisturizing that area. Also avoid sunlight, wear sunscreen always. Other than that I have no other side effects.

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