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Secret Diary Of A Roaccuatane User!

Excuse the topic title got a little bit carried away!

Hi I'm Joel I live near London, England and today I've just started Roaccutane! I'm new to the site, just joined now but been reading posts today and yesterday.

I'm 20 and I've had bad skin since 13/14 which turned into acne 15/16 and had been getting worse ever since! I'm dancer but also sing and act so acne isn't really an option in my industry, especially if I ever want to do any TV and Film.

I decided to keep a diary/journey/blog of my journey on Roaccuante and have been doing my research but would love it if anyone wanted to add some hints and tips along the way.

I currently use dermalogica products for my face: Special Cleanser, Multi-Active Toner, Active Moist (all twice a day) and Exfolianting Mask (twice a week). I think Special Cleaner will be too harsh for my skin once the tablets have kicked in and will switch to Ultra Calming Cleanser.

I'm thinking of ordering Cetaphil Moisturising Cream to apply a few times a day on my face as I've seen it pop on here a lot?

I've got a Carmex and Blistex to use on my lips.

And I brought Nivea - Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser to use on my body.

I'm thinking of also getting some Bio Oil and Jojoba Oil for when my face gets dry and to put on my scalp at night if it gets dry?

Could anyone suggest anything I could use or a supplement I could take to make sure that I don't have any hair-loss/thinning while using the tablets? As that's the only side-effect I'm really worried about as I think my hair is already in the very early stages of thinning.

Any comments/suggestions on the above products would be great.

Day - 1

So today's the end of my first day using Roacccutane! I had a tummy ache earlier but I'm sure that was just me getting a tummy ache and nothing to do with the tablets.

I'm intrigued as to what the skin dryness is going to be like and just want to be prepared and have the correct products to use.

As I said above the only side-effect I'm worried about the hair thinning/loss so if anyone could reccommend anything that would be great.

The only other thing I work in a shop that's very image based and have to wear cover up (make up) before I go on the shop floor. Which was really effecting my skin but have since started using Bare Escentuals so it's not too bad. I'm just slightly worried that my skins going to get so dry it's going to be too uncomfortable to wear the makeup, but I guess I'll cross that when it comes to it.

I've taken some day 1 pictures, but won't post unless I get some great results to put them next too!

Oh and last but not least I'm on 60 mg a day.

Thanks for reading and I hope you join me over the next few months for my journey :D

- Joel

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