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An Organic Alternative That's Been Working For Me...

I was called "crunchy" recently - I don't think the person meant for it to be a compliment, but I definitely took it as one.

Yes, I am very healthy; I eat organic food, exercise 3-4 times a week, drink tons of water, no soda, no alcohol, the whole bit. Despite my good habits, I still have moderate acne on my cheeks, chin and forehead. My skin is pretty oily and at this point in my life (I'm 26), I have a ton of blemishes.

I was using Pangea Organics for about a year, and while I LOVE their products, they just didn't have a noticeable affect on my acne (if you have healthy skin, I would recommend this brand, but then again if you have healthy skin, you probably wouldn't be reading this forum!).

Recently, about a month ago actually, I came across another organic acne treatment brand - Juice Beauty. It's been about 3 weeks since I started their Organics to Clear Skin regimen and I am simply blown away. I wish I had taken a picture before I started their regimen - I think I would qualify for one of their official before and after photos. My cheeks have almost ZERO active pimples (though I still have blemishes, they are beginning to fade), I am still getting pimples on my forehead and chin, but they are starting to get under control. I have never seen my skin turnaround from something so quickly....ever.

I am starting a blog that tracks the health of my skin with this new regimen. Here is the link to my skincare blog: http://www.skincarejb.blogspot.com/

Please feel free to subscribe (on the right hand side) - I will post pictures in the coming week and describe exactly what I'm doing to cleanse my face. I plan on posting once a week. I hope I can help someone out there who has a similar condition - I know how much it sucks. I have my fingers crossed with this new regimen from Juice Beauty, and so far, so good =)

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