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My First Regimen And Where Have I Been Going Wrong?

hello everyone i would really appreciate a little bit of help if you can

ok so even at my age of 23 my skin seems to go through cycles of being very bad, spotty but i can live with it and ok, although its usualy quite bad

i always just assumed it was because of my age but i'm getting a bit old now to be having teenage acne :P

i will be trying this regimen for a while and if it doesn't work i may even go for the just water approach

Mornings- Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash

Evenings-Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash

applying Clinique 2.5 Scruffing Lotion

possibly a small amount of duac

and exfoliating once a week with Clinique Face Scrub for men

i had been using Clinique Liquid Face Wash Regular Strength but that only seemed to make a big difference for a short while.

i also had been using a very lot of duac mornings and evenings sometimes straight after shaving- not sure if this makes any difference?

i even went as far as borrowing my girlfriends concealer about 2 weeks ago and since then the right side of my face has just broke out ridiculously

i am not sure which skin type i have but have decided to go and get that checked this weekend to see if that can make any difference

sorry for being so long winded it's just getting that bad!

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Sounds like you haven't a good grip on how your skin behaves?

However, if that concealer gave you problems, you can bet your skin is really sensitive to clogging. I would say, be careful with any topicals. Make sure you know if your topicals are clogging your pores!

"Oil balancing" washes aren't too necessary. It's not the wash that will ever balance your oils. Just make sure your cleanser leaves your skin clean, soft, hydrated, and NOT IRRITATED.

A large majority of the time, acne-prone skin is sensitive skin. Duac has 5% benzoyl peroxide, which is a very high concentration of benzoyl peroxide, and will severely dry you out. So here's the problem: I predict you will experience a LOT of dry skin. Many combat dry skin with a moisturizer, which is a gamble as to whether or not it will clog your pores. It's all a gamble! Sorry to say.

Alright, so, If you experience irritation (redness, flaking, dryness, sensitivity), I would recommend first: ditch that cleanser. Get something far more gentle. Again, a cleanser isn't where you want to go for balancing oil or anything. A cleanser cleanses, and make sure it's good at that! Make sure it leaves no residue on the skin.

There's so much to say, it's hard to know where to begin! You just have to experiment and learn a little more about your skin to get a better idea. Is it sensitive? Is it really oily, or just oily because you dry it out too much, making your skin want to produce more oil? Do you suffer from pH problems, proper exfoliation, and/or inflammation? Are your pores getting clogged at the surface, or deeper into the pilosebaceous unit?

Ah! So many questions! You'll figure it out though!

Finally, If you're just trying to make your own topical regimen right now, this might help (copied from my regimen log):

Note that, a normal regimen would have the following setup:

1. rinse

2. mask, wash off

3. tone

4. exfoliate with any liquid toners

5. serums

6. sprays, mists

7. moisturizers

8. healing powders (daytime) or spot treatments (nighttime)

(Steps 3-6 tend to be considered the "water-based" part of your routine. Step 7 is the lipophilic, or "oil-based" part of your routine. Oils, moisturizers and so on are step 7. It's a good idea to order your products based on this characteristic. For example, I wouldn't recommend applying an HA serum and oil at the same time. HA serums are usually water based, and oil is obviously oil. Oil and water don't mix--hence, apply separately. If you have another water-based serum or spray, feel free to mix it with the HA serum and apply at the same time).

This is about as lengthy as it gets. It's important to realize that you do not need every step here. In fact, you probably only need 4 steps, 3 if you can. It's important to widdle down to the products you really trust to be soothing, healing, hydrating, moisturizing and preventative.

Your regimen should promote healthy skin. Active ingredients should be limited. Harsher products can even be spread out for use only 3x a week. It is important to realize what your skin wants, and you will have to experiment. Just know, it wants to be healthy. I hate applying analogies to what should be empirically and scientifically understood, but dammit it's true: your skin is like a delicate flower. You must gently water it. Not put it out in a storm.

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yeah to be honest i don't know how my own skin works very well yet

i have just been trying different face washes and hoping it would clear up by outgrowing it- this hasn't worked :P

so yeah after this weekend i will at least know what type my skin is and will have learned a bit more just by reading this site

is using duac straight after shaving known to be a problem? or even using too much? i think i had been using far too much and too frequently

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Yes, you can definitely use too much of Duac. I would only recommend a pea-sized amount, and you have to work your way up, maybe to two pea-sized drops after 2 weeks.

Shaving is an irritant, and Duac is most certainly irritating. But it shouldn't be a real problem. I am a girl...lol...so I don't know how much help I can be. Considering Duac is benzoyl peroxide (plus another antibacterial active ingredient), Dan's videos on shaving can give you more insight!

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