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Blood Test/sonagram Before Spiro?

So Spironolactone is for treating only horomonal acne right?

I'm just wondering if it's not overprescribed?

I had to go for a sonogram and blood test with my GYN BEFORE my dermatologist would put me on it. She wanted a confirmed diagnosis of PCOS (which was confirmed) or a blood test showing that my aldosterone/androgen levels were too high (they were).

I'm just wondering how many of you went through this before you were put on it. I think that maybe the people that aren't seeing results (after a sufficient period) probably don't have acne caused by high aldosterone levels

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You don't have to have PCOS to be on it. A lot of people with normal androgen levels have their acne clear up on it. I know this because my androgen levels are consistently normal but antiandrogens work for me. I have pcos, but my endo said my skin and hair follicles are still sensitive from when it was high at one time for some reason (we don't know when or why that was), so even if you have normal levels your follicles don't revert back to normal once they're amped up.Put a different way, you can still have PCOS even without high androgens. PCOS is a syndrome, meaning it's defined by symptoms. Acne is one of those symptoms. If you also have excess hair, even if it's not extreme, and are either overweight, have IR, or cysts on the ovary you likely have PCOS. PCOS is very under-diagnosed.

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