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How To Psychologicaly Deal With Cystic Acne?

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Hi, im new here. My name is Kevin

I've been on minocyline for months, altered my lifestyle to unprocessed foods, and exercising- and done just about everything; and it worked-the occasional cyst that retreats after a few days. And im okay with that.

But the only problem is, whenever I get sick and my liver is relied on to process all the medications I break out very bad, multiple "hot spots" with clustered cysts, they do not retreat without a series of cortisone shots. The only problem is I have a phobia of needles and the cortisone shots are not pleasing.

I dont know, I think my liver must be broken or something because it doesnt help me very much ):

Anyways, I just want to know how other people deal with the psychological effects of having large sores on there face?

Generally im an attractive male, athletic with a well structured face but when my face breaks out I can tell the looks change and its hard to keep trying to be yourself. Im in high school and there are hundreds of people looking at you all the time, and even in class its really effin stressful.

It seems like males though, dont have so much of an issue with bad acne, they'll talk to you mindlessly either way. But girls, they shoot you discusting looks when you have them, and when you dont they give you that look like "hey there..."

Help me out, im recovering from the common cold which has brought along a few cystic friends. How do I deal with these god damn sores on my face? They hurt when I smile...

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