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Should I Start The Regimen?

I am not sure which forum this is needed to be posted in, but hi all, I'm an 18 year old boy and I have had flawless skin all my life until like this February, when I started getting random small red bumps on my face. However I always go red easily, even with the cold wind blowing in my face it causes me to go redder than my friends.. But with these bumps, I'll try describe it the best way possible:

Small red spots on chin, nose, forehead, and cheeks. Occasionally one will turn into a large spot. When they go, they leave a bit of redness:(

My doctor prescribed me with minocycline 2 months ago and said I have very mild acne/rosacea. But it's been 2 months and I am still getting break outs, I'll get rid of spots in one place and they come back in another, it's so frustrating..I'm not sure about my skin type, my nose and forehead tend to be oily and my chin and cheeks tend to be dry if I wash them every day. Nose can also get dry sometimes on the edges though. I am not sure of what skincare routine to use, I'm washing my face every day or so with random cleansers, though an OXY face wash proved to be the best for me. I was looking at Dan's regime and it really appealed to me as it's something that requires dedication and I'm a person that likes to dedicate myself for good things but since I have sensitive/dry/rosacea skin, would this regime be appropriate for me? Could it work? I've used a bit of oxy on the spot 2.5 BP treatment but I only directly put it on spots to try get them to go down. Dan's regime looks awesome because it seems to keep you clear consistently as opposed to other things that only temporarily keep you clear but make it so you still get random break outs. Any advice would be appreciated, clear skin is something I want so badly..

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If the oxy 2.5% BP treatment works for you as a spot treatment I would recommend continuing with that. If you get the odd pimple, I think it would cause more harm than good if you were to apply BP all over your face as opposed to just applying it over the pimple area.

Maybe have a look at your diet also. Perhaps you've changed something which has broke you out.

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