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Suggestions for my scarring (bad)

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Hello everyone! My name is Cody and let me give you a little background information first. I first started to develop acne around 5th grade. From there it was all downhill I finally am starting to win an 8 year battle with acne thanks to accutane which I took about a year ago. My acne has drastically changed from horrible cystic acne everywhere to about a breakout a month. I am extremly happy about this but there has been lots of damage left after this long 8 year war with my face. A ton of scarring has occuarrd on both of my cheeks. I would love any piece of advice you guys might have one what to do about the kind of scarring I have. I have some money to spend on repairing my scars since I am only (19) I feel like it would be money well spent because I still am in my youth. I have looked around the site some but there is just so much information and methods that I am lost at what I first step would be. I live in Southern California (Los Angeles) to be exact so if anyone could recommend a doctor or anything of that nature I would be ecstatic!.

TLDR; Bad scarring looking for any advice or methods that would help repair my skin also looking for recommendations for a doctor.

Thank you so much for your time and patience





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You definitely have ice pick scars. Maybe a few boxcars as well, but that's hard to judge from your picture.

You should try tca cross. And maybe punch excision / excision for larger ones.

Don't do peels because they're not doing to do anything for your scarring.

Don't do dermarolling/needling because it doesn't work very well on ice picks and there is a chance that they will become wider.

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So it looks like TCA cross is probably my best chance for repairing these scars does anyone have any information on doctors in so cal that will do TCA Cross

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I agree with you using a professional. Dr. Lam in Texas says on his blog that he's had terrible scarring cases come in due to the cross method performed by people who weren't qualified to do it and it even takes doctors a long time to perfect the technique. Although I can't recommend anyone, here are some links I've seen:

http://www.theadsci.com/scar.html Here's a Dr. Lin located in Sherman Oaks who looks legit. I believe derms who do TCA CROSS are more frequently Asian, as I believe this procedure was developed in Asia, if I remember correctly, in Korea.

Photos from his site http://www.theadsci.com/acne_scar.html

The derm at Insight Dermatology also does TCA CROSS, but he's in San Diego. He's famous on this board for saline subcisions.


Let us know your results if you decide to do it, we'd all love to hear about results from different doctors.

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