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Hey i just ordered Dans cleanser, treatment, and moisturizor, and AHA+( For my red marks)

This is what i will do


1 full pump of BP( I have used Bp in the past, for about 2 months, and used salyicic acid for about a year, so im sure my skin can take it)

After cleanse, use treatment, then moisturiozr

Then put AHA all over face.

Then VIT E oil

Same for night

But QUESTION! Do i wash off the treatment? or do i just leave it on?

Currently taking Vitamin a 8,000IU

1,000 IU of vitamin E

50mg of zinc, good amount of thiamin, niacin, all that good stuff

But should i use a fish oil?

And is my regemin for the morning good?

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You don't wash off the benzoyl peroxide. :)

I wouldn't recommend using AHA during the day. It makes your skin much more susceptible to burning (sunburn is horrible, let alone on your face). Also, it's really only necessary to use it once a day anyway as it's a chemical exfoliant, and too much will irritate your skin. You'd be better off using a moisturizer with SPF after your BP in the mornings, then at night time, use AHA instead of moisturizer (it'll hydrate your skin and slough off dead skin cells).

Are you using the vitamin E oil for red marks or to moisturize? You don't want to bombard your skin with too many products.

Fish oil is good for general well being, so it's worth taking.

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