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Recommendations for mild/moderate acne please??

I am 25 year old female. African American with dark brown skin

my forehead has become a major problem for me. I dont know if its always been like this or im just notiicing it. but I have a few ice pick scars on my forehead from a few major breakouts. then I have these small speckled dark spots/really really small pots on my forehead from using bioclair that has steroids in it. it makes my forehead look really aged. ): what can i do to get rid of it? it bothers me a lot and I find myself obsessing over it all the time. makeup helps with the hyperpigmentation but not the texture. other people have told me i have okay skin, that it looks fine but it bothers me that my forehead isnt' tight and smooth and clear of hyperigmentation and damage from steroids., it seems like i can remedy it with the right products. i would like to try that before spending big bucks at the derm

also, along the bridge of my nose, i have these micro white bumps that look as though its under the skin. you cant pop them or squeeze them at all. what is that?

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Guest Mferrell200

Try something more organic like a herbal treatment. I've used something called Manuka Oil and I started to see results instantly. They sell the products online. Let me know if you want their info.

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Dan's regimen

by the way, you might spend more buying producst instead of going with a professional. Go to the derm first, its my personal advice

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