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How I made Differin finally started working for my kid

I like to report my success in use of Differin for back acne not responding to BP and provide some direction for those using it.

My currently 12 year old daughter has been battling serious case of acne on her face and a worse case on her back that started 1.5 years ago..

BP 5% would work on her face somewhat but not on her back at all and the rate of acne production and severity was increasing weekly. BP 2.5% would do absolutely nothing for her. Salicylic acid 2% would also have some positive impact on her face but not on her back at all. There was not a single lotion, not even those specific for acne that would not break her out and not make it worse.

The doctor finally prescribed Differin 0.3% however Differin was causing cystic type nodules and it was pretty upsetting for me to see . Through trial and error I have found this routine that works for her when using Differin.

After school or before bed:

1) would use a BP wash of 10% ( Benzac) and covering the entire area of her face and her back and her chest for 10 minutes.( using a timer)

2) She would take a shower

3) Would apply the Differin 0.3% after shower but after she was completely dry in a very thin layer and all over acne prone areas ( using surgical gloves (pre-cleaned with alcohol ) to apply it )

4) On top of Differin layer and on inflamed or raised or acne spots alone, would apply "spot" treatment in dots ( I used AcneFree-Terminator - it has BP 10% but not sure if that is the only ingredient in it, reduces inflammation pretty fast), would wait for it to dry

5) She would wear newly washed fresh T-shirt every night right after

It has taken 2-3 months of daily treatment ( the first month was a disaster - till started the routine) ( this is the end of second tube of Differin) and finally we are seeing real results and no new cystic type acne is forming on her back and the very dark pigments that were rapidly gaining territory are now receding. Her face is completely clear although the routine for her face continues. Her back is not completely clear but it is rapidly getting better.

Note that in her case, without spot treatment, inflamed spots would become cystic with application of Differin alone and I have verified it by testing one area with and one area without spot treatment.

(Sorry for the erroneous title, could not reedit it)

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