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Every since I started Accutane a month ago, my eyebrows sweat like mad. I wipe them so many times a day which means that I also wipe off the foundation surrounding them which looks stupid. It is really embarrassing & annoying.

Does anyone else have this?

How are people dealing with this?

Will it stop after Accutane?



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Warning—I'm not sure if I would try this with Accutane, but it does help with the sweat:

I don't sweat excessively because of Accutane, but another medication. However, I also sweat heavily on my face. My doctor has me using Drysol, a prescription antiperspirant, on my face, specifically my forehead, because of this. It works pretty well and hasn't broken me out. It is 80% alcohol, but it's worth it to me to stop the sweat. I haven't had any peeling or redness, and I'm using it with a retinoid. In case you want to try it, you only apply it a couple times a week at bedtime, except for the first three days you use it when you apply it nightly. It does itch initially.

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Yep been off since 2 months now from tane and I've been sweating like MAD!!! .. well it's getting better since the weather and all but my eyebrows seem to sweat a lot since I've been off Accutane, never had that problem before. Forehead wise I sweat regardless.

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Thank you for your replies. I will look into whether Drysol is ok to use on Accutane.

So QQMAN - it wont get any better??

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