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I have very mild acne, main concerns now are 2 blemishes on my chin, clogged pores/white heads (?!) around my nose and chin, tiny red spots on cheeks, pores look bigger than normal, and overall unhappy with skin texture/complexion.

Prior to this past June, I've always been very happy with my skin. I had a sudden break out (hormonal? who knows ;[) that made my skin crazy (compared to what I was used to). 4 months later, my skin has improved, but i'm not happy.

I've been using mostly natural/organic routes, and I was wondering if iI should start using AHAs, BHAS, both? Or not try either because it might make things worse?

I'm looking for something to improve my overall texture/complexion and get rid of these ANNOYING whiteheads. I want my old skin back ;\

Thank you in advance for any advice ;)

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Dan only recommends AHA, not BHA, and I agree because while I've never had experience with BHA, AHA is super awesome... It gives me (and I've seen this reported by others) a nice glowy complexion and exfoliates and overall it's a very pleasant product with good results. My guess is it won't cure acne on it's own but in conjuction with another product it would help.

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