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My doctor recommended that I use the Cetaphil Bar Soap during my Accutane course 2 years ago, I have since then still continued to use it, but I cannot help by think it makes my acne worse. Mostly because it dries me out so much, and then I'm dry in some spots, and have pimples all over at the same time. Could this be my skin working hard to replace the oils that the soap stripped away?

I since then decided to try the Alpha Hydrox Cleanser. Although I didn't have a massive breakout, I feel and look so oily by mid-day (which is a problem that I never had before) Also, I have noticed tiny white bumps along my chin and all over my forehead. I have never had those before either.

Thus, I wanted to switch back to Cetaphil, but with Winter setting in, I guess I should move away from the soap, as I've heard soap isn't actually good for sensative skin.

Thus my real question. It looks like there are 2 different Cetaphil Cleansers, one for oily skin and one for sensative skin...any recommendations welcome!

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I didn't know Cetaphil made a bar soap. All I know is that everyone here recommends to never use bar soap on your face.

By far the most popular Cetaphil cleanser is the Gentle kind, and I agree. The Daily kind is really harsh, smells bad, and burns my face, but the Gentle kind is really good.

I'd also suggest you start adding some drops of Jojoba oil to moisturizer of choice so your face isn't as dry and irritated. You should ALWAYS moisturize after cleansing.

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I've tried both and I like both. The cleanser for oily skin gives a deeper clean but it does dry out your face more than the gentle kind. When I first used the gentle cleanser it made my face feel weird like it hadn't been cleaned properly, but it doesn't do that anymore for some reason.

You're right about soaps not being good for sensitive skin! Soaps are terrible for any skin type.

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I agree with the person above about the cetaphil gentle cleanser. It doesn't really feel like it completely cleans my face, so I just switched to the regular daily wash.

But yeah, you should definitely avoid the bar soap. I didn't know Cetaphil made a bar soap either actually haha.

After washing.. always moisturize!! The cetaphil daily moisturizer is what I use but it makes my face look a little oily but i dont mind that very much because it moisturizes really well and I can just blot a few times a day to help not look oily.

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