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I hate redspots

Mixing benzoyl peroxide with jojoba oil?

Using advice from this forum, I have tried using jojoba oil in several ways, from using it in moisturiser, as a scrub, with face wash, as shaving oil etc. I have had some success in combating flakiness, but not total. However, one thing I have not seen mentioned on this forum, but I have heard elsewhre, is mixing it with the BP.

Has anyone had any experience of this or think there is any reason why it may not be effective at reducing overall flakiness? Living in the UK, I have to use panoxyl which is extremely drying compared to Dans BP (or so I have heard)

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I haven't tried this myself, but I can't see it being any more effective than using BP on its own. My only guess would be that perhaps some of the BP might not get absorbed by the skin.

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I've accidentally combined them.. I was really tired, hehe. It didn't work out so well. The BP took at least 2x as long to dry (which was irritating because I'm on a tight schedule) and my face felt super oily, what with the moisturizer already containing small amounts of jojoba oil and having to add at least 2 drops to it to combat dryness/flakiness (this was at least a month or two ago, before my skin adjusted).

Have you tried AHA+? That's what stopped flakiness for me. That stuff is AWESOME. I also hear that there are some moisturizers out there with AHA in them because it sounds like you don't have access to / prefer not to order from the website. I haven't seen much on them but what I have seen is positive.

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