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Saline injection- collagen building break

Hi guys I recently started self saline injections. I've noticed that the scars are getting worse or may be they appear so. I've had 3 saline injections so far and my scars appear better for a week but as the week comes to end the scars appear more pronounced and steep. I can't understand what the reason is. Could it be because collagen needs time for build up like post subcision you wait for a month but i've been injecting every week without giving rest to my skin. . Do share your comment please if you'd had saline injections and had similar experience..-thanks

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Dr. Sire recommends saline injections every two to three weeks. My daughter had a good response to six sets of injections two weeks apart, but after the seventh, I thought her scars looked much deeper also. I stopped them at that point because I felt that the seventh treatment must have somehow damaged the new collagen and she should wait a few months before continuing. I haven't had her go back to finish her treatments, (she was recommended 9-11 sets which is apparently the maximum number they recommend), because after these months her scars have been noticeably improving. I'm hoping that at the end of this collagen growth period that perhaps her scars will be able to be lived with without additional work. They bother me much less than they did at this point. If we think they still need a bit of work, we will finish out the saline injections in the spring.

If you are finding that every treatment you do causes a deepening of your scars, I would definitely recommend not continuing with the treatments. All these scar revision procedures carry a risk of making things worse, and I would advise everyone to procede with great patience and care, to try individual scars prior to doing all of your scars, and to stop if a trial makes a scar worse.

You might want to try taking Vitamin C throughout the day also, on a daily basis, in order to promote collagen growth. Vitamin C and zinc is used in burn victims to help skin healing. My daughter has been taking Vitamin C gummies thought the days for months as a supplement, and has also been taking Nicotinamide with copper and zinc as prescribed by her doctor for inflammatory acne. I have to believe that these supplements must be helping her collagen growth, although she is young and so is producing more collagen than older people.

Good luck, I hope your scars improve.

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Oh, I forgot to add that when I spoke to Dr. Sire about what I felt was a worsening of my daughter's scars, he said he didn't think there was any way that the saline injections could cause worse scars. So hopefully if you just give your scars a rest for a few months, you will have activated a healing response in your skin and will see improvement. Then you could try continuing again, very cautiously and see what happens. Good luck.

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