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accutane hair loss

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Hi everyone,

i am on accutane 20 mg/day for the past month to treat my moderate acne. My skin cleared up by 80% within the first 12 days, but i also noticed an increased hair loss.Is it possible to have this side effect so soon and with such a low dosage?has anyone ever experienced something similar?how can i tell if it is drug-related or just normal seasonal hair loss?i'm really stressed and consider giving up and starting anti-contraceptives instead.

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have you noticed a change in hair texture from being straight to wavy curly or lifeless,how many hair are you shedding in a day? if you are a wo man and have an oily skin then i guess spironolactone is a better alternative-well depending upon many other factors.

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Hi I'm a 34 year old female was taking 30mgs 2x a day. I was on it for 2 weeks and my skin was really looking good but I noticed my hair coming out a lot. When i shower it comes out the most. I called my doc and she said stop taking it. I hope the shedding slows down otherwise my hair is really gonna look horrible! So disappointing. At this point I'm not even worrying about my skin, I just want my hair to be normal again! Is your hair still coming out?

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