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Are these Candida die off symptoms?

So Ive had a Candida blood test done and havent got the results back yet.

In the meanwhile Ive started taking lots and lots of garlic supplements as well as some fairly potent probiotics and coconut oil, and Ive had a couple of reactions to them, do you guys think that these could be Candida Die off symptoms? Ive been on them about a week or so now.

Random Mild Headaches - I literally never get headaches but since I started taking probiotics and garlic supps Ive been getting mild headaches every so often, not enough to really bother me, but enough to make me feel uncomfortable.

Random bouts of tinnitus - Never used to get this either, I'll have a random bout of tinnitus in one ear that lasts for about 15 seconds or so and then fades away. Definately a new experience for me and it only started happening after I started the garlic and probiotics.

Post Nasal Drip/General stuffed up sinuses - I feel like Im constantly on the verge of a cold. I used to get Post Nasal Drip really bad but it stopped completely over the summer, not sure if its the change in weather thats causing this or if its die off symptoms.

Itchy skin - The first night I started on the supplements my skin was really really itchy all over, it was pretty horrible but thankfully that passed pretty quickly.

Localised areas of Seb Derm - I usually get a bit of seb derm in very specific places that flare up every once in a while, but for the past week it has been much more irritated than usual

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