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Birth control question...

My acne is out of control (it's only moderate, not severe, but nothing seems to get rid of it). My derm suggested that we could try accutane next if this final round of antibiotics doesn't work. I'm getting desperate, so I really want to try it.

The only thing is - I don't want to go on the pill. I've tried several, and I just don't like being on it...plus, coming off of it is a nightmare. I read somewhere that you can bypass the birth control requirement if you agree not to have sex at all while you're on the drug (or a month before, or a month after). I'm not sexually active anyway, so this wouldn't be a big deal.

I checked the iPledge site and they don't mention anything about this option (at least not that I saw). So what's the deal? Can I really get on the drug without having to take the pill?

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hey! So technically through ipledge you don't have to be on birth control while on Accutane if you swear to not be sexually active.....HOWEVER some dermatologists won't prescribe it unless you agree to be on it this is because of the awful side effects of what could happen if you were to get pregnant. I'm in a similar boat- not sexually active & not eager to get on birth control. Unfortunately, my derm requires birth control. I debated on lying & not taking it but decided it would probably be better to just take it. If thing start to get weird I just plan on stopping the bc. So I'd talk to your derm. & see what their policy is. Hope that semi-helped.

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