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Should I start BP x2 a day

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Hi all,

I started the regimen approximately 8 days ago. My face is red, dry, irritated, and itches. Ive been using BP only on at night. Even in the morning after NOT putting any BP on my skin still looks irritated. I read on this website that sensitive skin should start out slowly and apply BP once a day for a week then after a week apply BP twice a day. I don't know whether or not I should start applying 2x a day? I feel like my skin is taking FOREVER to ajdust. I do have really sensitive ruddy skin to begin with. Please help! My breakouts are decreasing but my skin looks angry and its so embarrassing that its RED ALL THE TIME!

BTW I do apply moisturizer w/ a few drops of jojoba 2x a day!

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8 days is a relatively short time on the regimen. It can take up to 2-3 weeks for your skin to begin to adjust to BP.

You've even said yourself that your skin is irritated and dry. Adding more BP to the equation will only anger your skin even more. Allow your skin to adjust and settle.

Unfortunately, dryness, redness and the like are just a sacrifice that you will have to live with until your skin becomes accustomed. Your skin gets worse before it gets better ;)

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I agree with Avenger, if your skin is already red and irritated, no way should you be increasing the BP as it will only make it worse. I started too quickly with the regimin and suffered the consequences and had to have a complete break for a couple of days. The rash has gone now and I've started again with the BP but much more S L O W L Y and I dont seem to be having the same ill effects. Perhaps you should consider having a break for a couple of days and then restart again with even less BP and build up a tiny bit ever 3 days. Not sure if it will work but maybe worth a try?

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It's perfectly okay to only apply BP at night or in the morning (not 2x a day) when first starting the Regimen. It's really tough on your skin at first - BP is a medication with the side effect of dryness, and your skin does eventually adjust most of the time but it takes time, and lots of it.

Eventually the redness and dryness goes away - it took about 2 months for it to go away in my case (counting from the day I started the Regimen) but now my face looks totally completely normal even though I use the full scale Regimen with jojoba oil and AHA+ every morning and night.

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