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does immunity/resistance last forever?

In 2006 I was prescribed klaron lotion 10% and metrogel .75% for my acne/rosacea.

I stopped using it (honestly I forget the reason...but I think because my prescription ran out and never went back to derm to get it filled again) and switched to the BP regime on this website.

A few days ago (and 5 years later after first using it) I was prescribed klaron lotion 10% and metrogel 1%.

If I've gone 5 years without using these products will I be immune to them?

Or will they work as if I've never used them before?


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There was one antibiotic which I was prescribed twice during my teens and the results were the same both times. It didn't work in the long term, but the second course worked to the same degree as the first so I shouldn't think you need to worry too much in that respect. Of the countless antibiotics I've tried, they all seem to work fine for a certain period. It's just later on when I finish the course that things seem to get worse. I don't think it's purely the case that I become immune to them, but I certainly think that the acne starts to build up a resistance overall. From what I've read here, it seems like the only one which is less likely to turn out that way and be more likely to stop it for good is Accutane, but then I guess different things can work for different people.

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