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started using a cleanser and it seems im getting more pimples?

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im a 20 year old guy, i have recently started using something for my acne, i dont have severe acne, i would say more acne scars and these bumps on my forehead more then pimples( maybe like 6-8 pimples) rest are scars, and those bumps i mentioned. i obviously want to remove them, ( the bumps and pimples is priority) the problem is i have no clue what these bumps are, they are definitly not cysts, too small and too many.i was wondering if anyone knew what these were and how to get rid of them.

also in regards to the cleanser i started using, it seems that since ive started using it i have started getting more pimples ( been using it for a week and a half), for the most part more whiteheads. should i continue using this product? i am using neutrogena: salicylic acid acne treatment, oil-free acne wash rendess soothing. is acne treatment the sort of thing where you get more and then starts to go away :S?

or am i just noticing the pimples because im more aware of this and trying to get rid of it

i dont know much about acne since i never really cared that i had it but i figure now if i can do something about it i might as well. the bumps on my face are really whats bothering me.

so anyways can anyone answer my questions? maybe tell me what i can do for a clearer face? what product i can buy? i know different products work depending on the persons skin but i have no clue where to start since this is an entirely new subject that ive never bothered to learn about.

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