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TCA cross at home success

I recently performed a TCA cross 100% on my Ice pick scars a little over 2 weeks ago and they already look much better. By better I mean less pigmentation and about 60% more shallow then before.

First I did my research on TCA CROSS for weeks from a variety of sources including 2 youtube videos that actually show 2 different dermatolagists performing the Cross on patients. I purchased the 100% TCA medical grade through Ebay from a company called Quintessentials for about 20-30 bucks. I also bought some toothpicks, Aquaphor(which I never used) and rubbing alcohol.

* I'd like to note that I am half White and half Asian and my skin type doesn't really fall under any specific category from the Fitzpatrick scale. I am naturally very very light skinned however I do tan easily without burn, Brown hair, brown eyes and my skin can get very dark during the summer. I had a slight tan on my cheeks when I started this procedure (I work outdoors).

1. Tested the TCA on both my wrists. After a few minutes both areas on my wrists frosted over. There is no need to neutralize TCA however I did keep some baking soda water handy incase it was too painful.

2. Shaved... I knew once I started this TCA cross I will not be able to shave for a week without accidently breaking off the scabs and disrupting the healing process.

3. Washed face THEN used some rubbing alcohal on the areas I would use the TCA so the acid could penetrate through the oils on my skin. (I am naturally oily).

4. SOAKED the toothpick in the 100% TCA liquid for about 30-40 seconds. If you just place the toothpick in the acid then put it up to your scar, not much acid will transfer onto your skin because the wooden toothpick will absorb much of the Acid.(be sure not to let any TCA drip off your toothpick)

5. Once I soaked the toothpick I would spread my skin to widen the ice pick scar so I could safely place the acid inside the scar and minimize hitting the walls of the ice pick scar. It will be impossible to avoid hitting all the walls of the scar I just minimized it the best I could. I never neutralized the TCA acid and just kept an eye on the frosting. I did not push too hard into the scar with the toothpick but I did use some gentle force.

*** My skin BARELY frosted, barely got red and there was NO pain at all compared to some 20% Salicylic Acid peels I have done in the past and yet after a few days my skin still scabbed over just fine.

For the 1st 2 days I was absolutely convinced the TCA that was sold to me was watered down because my skin did no frost over like some low solution SA Peels I have done. In fact I actually emailed the distrubuter complaining and she said I could get a refund if I choose. However by the 3rd day when the scabbing began on my face AND my wrist (test spots) I knew it was some good stuff.

Because of this I highly recommend you do not go with an aggressive approach. The 1st morning after the TCA I woke up and my scars looked BIGGER, WIDER and much darker. I was so depressed thinking I caused some permanent damage to my skin. Don't be alarmed. By the 3rd day the pits really filled it with scabbing which began the collagen healing process.

I'd also like to note that I did not use any Aquaphor or Neosporin because my skin was already very oily and felt that was good enough to protect the scab so I went with a more "natural approach". I also avoided scrubbing/BP/Soap near the scars but still applied on the rest of my face. I also shaved around my acne scars being careful not to rip off any of the scabs. I did notice that some of my facial hair actually grew out in the ice pick scar itself but still did not prevent my scabs from healing. By day 8 most of my scabs had fallen off leaving me with smoother more uniform skin tone as the scars did fill in quite a bit in such a short period of time. I'll give it another try in 30 days. I also expect slight improvement in the scars themselves over the next 30 days.

Good luck!

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Interesting. I'm giving this a try in a few days, with 50% TCA. I wouldn't have the courage to use 100% with no prior experience.

At any rate, thanks for the write up.

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Thanks for a great write up. Very encouraging.

Any updates?

Sorry for the late updates. I completely forgot I posted this. Well, I would say that scars "filling in quite a bit" is an over statement. They definitely appeared to fill in quite a bit but after thinking it over, of course my skin will look better after having scabs on my cheeks for 7-8 days. After speaking with my dermatologist and doing even more research on collagen production, TCA Cross, like non-ablative laser resurfacing, takes months to see noticeable results. Shortly after my 1st TCA Cross, I had 5 Cynosure Affirm Multiplex laser treatments done on my cheeks where the scars were. My skin has improved a 1000% since then, and that my friends is NOT an overstatement. My doctor have showed me my before and after photos so I could see the results. Like the Cross, you don't see results over night with the Multiplex laser. In fact, I would even argue I did not see significant results from the laser until 2-3 months in, but then again, it is such a slow process it is hard to tell when you see yourself every day. It simply "tricks" the skin into believing it is injured, which stimulates the collagen production. How much the Cross helped I will never know, but my guess is it didn't hurt. But I really do believe if you were to perform the TCA Cross every 3 weeks for 6-7 treatments in a row like they did with the laser, you will see big results over time. There are quite a few clinical studies that prove this, but many people are too impatient to wait 6 months to a 1 year to get rid of scars. I know I am. cool.png

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