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I am so tired. 32.

I managed to clear most of my skin of pimples and cysts.

I use tea tree oil to wash my face (dilluted in water).

I have a clean diet, no gluten, no dairy, not much sugar.

This morning, i woke up to a huge pustule in the center of my cheek. Right where you can see it.

It grew for two three days. Just kind of degenerated a little. I am not touching it, cause it's not hurting and I know it will pass.

I had just this one big pustule. It really stressed me out.

I checked my skin, and two hours later, another pimple starting lower. Very red, hurting, and I can tell it will last for a few days.

I am so tired of these. Seriously. No matter what I do, they always end up coming back.

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and I take 25mg zinc per day.

Gosh this coming pimple is hurting. I am so tired of acne.

A big pustule right in the middle of my face, and a coming long term pimple. Just great.

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I hear ya'!! Got my big surprise on my face yesterday!! It's been there for a couple weeks just waiting to my life hell. SURPRISE!!

i am sorry to hear that...

at least you could see yours coming out...

so you could prepare yourself. :-)

i could not really see mine coming this time...

and i do not get it.

i eat healthy, i drink enough, i eat fruits, i use tee tree oil.

my skin is much clearer than it used to be, this is true.

one side of my face is entirely pimple free (the right side) and my forehead does not have anything neither (just some very little whitheads near the scalp).

but on the left side, 2 big bright red active pustules that take days to go, and leave marks.

and once they are gone, others come. it's neverending.

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I am so sorry to hear about your flare-up. This is the way my skin works too. Actually I have had pretty clear skin for months now but when I've gone on a trip (twice now) I've gotten one big red and eventually pus-filled bump on my chin...each time. I don't know what's worse - constantly having acne and giving up or getting almost clear --- getting hopeful for future clear skin and then breaking out again. It is soooo discouraging. I still get tiny things on my nose but they don't bother me much...I can deal with them (...except for worrying that it might mean my skin is slipping back into full-fledged acne...). It's the big ones on my chin that make me go crazy. And like you they take forever to heal. I swear that whoever said don't pick pimples never has had acne! Sometimes you have to or it looks worse (red bump with white top --- charming...). And whoaa to those who reply "never pick". I mean very carefully and antiseptically. I try not too and usually don't but sometimes there is no choice.

I sincerely hope your pustules will go very soon! I also do everything healthy...and I mean everything --- diet, water, walk, yoga, etc. etc. and I still breakout. Much less...almost clear now...but still get some clogged up pores and as I shared above, a big one every several months when I travel.

Hard thing is that dermatologists are so used to dealing with more extreme cases that when we complain about our 1-2 big ones or smaller breakouts they don't have much sympathy. Again I wonder if they dealt with this personally they'd be more sympathetic. Or maybe I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill. Although I don't see any women my age dealing with this (age 60). I work in a very people oriented job where I see about 100 people a day and out of that 100 maybe 2 women will have pimples. Both will be teens! Then maybe once a month I'll see one woman with active rosacea. I know this woman and she takes antibiotics daily and has done so for 10 years - she's about 70.

So I know that when I'm flaring I stand out. Oh --- I also know of two men with acne rosacea. They really struggle with it and it's very visible since they can't wear make-up. I feel sorry for them. One of them talked with me about how no one understands. It was hard to hear!

I don't want anyone to have to feel sorry for me! And I'm so sick of living in fear of flare-ups. Also having to spend time taking special care of my skin...applying makeup so carefully, watching everything I eat, etc. And then despite everything there is no guarantee of staying clear. I think that's the real issue. I can't trust my skin...I never know what it's going to be like from day to day. I see people with calm clear skin (...mine is almost clear but it is very oily, bumpy and patchy) and I wonder (with great yearning...) what it must be like to wake up each day and not give your skin a second thought. Just wash and go. And think about other things than skin. Wouldn't that be wonderful?


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Despite all differences in age, this is a general thing with acne that every adult sufferer can relate to.

There is just no guarantee of staying clear and the mental scars are pretty deep, meaning that every sign of acne can cause great stress- I have the same thing. It doesn't seem to matter how healthy my lifestyle is. I'm sure in the long run it helps with decreasing inflammatory reactions that lead to huge pimples. But it's just never a guarantee. Breakouts seem to come out of nowhere. My main concern is that gradually they will become worse and more numerous again. I'm pretty convinced that these stressful thoughts lead to worse acne for me.

Also, coming up to 30, I'm pretty sure this is a condition that will probably stick with me the rest of my life. I can make peace with that, as long as I can control it just a little bit.

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I've been going thru the same thing until 2 weeks ago. Try applying Apple Cider Vinegar on your face (50/50 mix) & leave it on over night. Either store brand (distilled) or Organic and drink 2 tbls 3x a day. I use the distilled one. You have nothing to lose & it's real cheap, It really worked for me. I also take Vit A 1000 IU, Vit B2 500 mg, & Zinc 50mg 3x a day. I'm not sure if the Vitamins work (it's only been a week) but the ACV does for sure.

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I'm 33, fed up & off of my birth control regimen. We have been trying for another child & as a result my acne is out of control. I look like a monster without makeup.. When using the restroom at work, I avoid looking in the mirror. I'm considering a visit to the dermatologist, however what can I take that wont effect my plans of getting pregnant? In the past birth control has been the ONLY thing that ceased my acne.

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