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built bp usage up quickly

Hey everyone,

I started the regimen about four weeks ago and things are going really well! After an initial purge and a lot of flaking, I only have a few small bumps on my cheeks and they all seem to be going down. There isn't anything new forming and it also got rid of a lot of unevenness left over from older marks. I had been using a BP cleanser before I began the regimen and I'd used BP products before so I thought it was be best to use an ample amount of dan's BP right from the get go. I didn't totally glom it on but I did build up my dosage quickly over the first week.

I haven't had any severe side affects, (mild peeling and itching, etc) but my cheeks (where I put the majority of the BP) are very red. Can I expect this to fade in the near future or is my face going to continue to be this red as long as I'm using the full amount of BP? (I do one finger length). I'm concerned that I didn't give my skin a chance to get used to the BP and now it's going to hinder my progress. Any thoughts or similar experiences?

Advice on how to sooth the redness would be great as well. Thanks!

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Previously I had used a 10% BP wash. When I started the Regimen I thought my skin would be just fine with 2.5% BP close to full amount from the beginning. I had a lot of problems with dryness and flakiness and my skin was rather swollen for like a month.. It wasn't fun. I even tried cutting back BP and building up again but it didn't quite fix it.

Your skin needed time to get used to it.. You'll probably experience redness for a total of 2 months, that's about how long I had redness. Sorry :( I feel like there should be a disclaimer or something on the instructions because it makes logical sense that if you could use 10% BP wash before, then you could use 2.5% BP and leave it on.. but not the case.

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