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So this is what I am supposed to believe, this diagnosis, and forgive me but just accepting it as the truth is enough to make me want to do things that would support the "BDD" death statistics. I have struggled with OCD since I was in elementary school. I have struggled with acne from sometime in middle school. The powers that be are telling me that now the two have combined to form an even more sinister disease called BDD. I do not think so. They are separate illnesses. They need to be dealt with accordingly. I get a new hypertrophic scar on my chin and because it is of such great concern I am now "BDD". Nope. They may become entangled but are still very much two different diseases. Sorry I was traumatized by acne in high school. I now have some new scarring on my face after being used to some scarring, no acne, and being fairly confident with myself, and then boom, a fuckin line just appears on my face. I want it gone. Period. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder thoughts tend to revolve around the particular stressors in your life at any given time, mine do anyway. I have Pure-O which means I carry out obsessions and compulsions in my head, sans physical compulsions like hand washing, etc.. So it is only logical that my thoughts will be focused a good bit on the new shit on my face. If that makes me BDD then fuck it just shoot me now. I want my face fixed. Period. I want my OCD under control. Period. The two must be treated as separate conditions. They are. Everyone in my family, when I am crushed by my face, tells me I have a mental disorder. All I need is a little self-acceptance, with my OCD chilled out at the same time. I honestly believe that without the obsessive component I would still be having a hard time with my face. Gray areas do not equal a new disease, just a feeling of inescapability. So heres to the discussion if it makes any difference. I am genuinely upset by my new scars, in addition to being overly concerned just because I happen to have OCD. Kill the chicken and the egg.

The cyclical nature of everything from addiction to weather renders the question of first moot. You just have to get off somewhere.

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I think BDD is really overused, not just by regular people but also unfortunately by professionals. I was diagnosed with OCD very young as well, and when I started struggling with acne I saw a psychiatrist who wanted to call it BDD. But it just isn't the case, and thankfully my doctor and my mother have finally recognized that and are agreeing to help me treat my acne. Yes, I am obsessed with my acne. I think about it constantly. I stare at it constantly. I spend a really enormous portion of my day thinking about it and obsessing over it and trying to find new ways to treat it. But the exact same could be said about my phobia of vomiting. I am constantly thinking about it. I am constantly researching it. I look up food recalls every day, I won't go near anyone who says they aren't feeling well. I avoid any food that could spoil, any food that wasn't prepared by me. I don't touch door handles or taps or anything that the public touches with my hands. I won't put my hands anywhere near my eyes, nose or mouth unless they've been washed thoroughly. I have not vomited in years, yet I spend every day in fear that it will happen. But they can't call that BDD because it's not focused on my physical appearance. Because the acne is about physical appearance, people want to put the blame on something else. It's not BDD... it's your obsessive compulsive mindset focusing on something that's real and bothersome.

The whole BDD thing will need to be revised... I don't mean that it's not a real condition, it is, but there needs to be a way people can distinguish it from just OCD. And it's also really annoying when people say "I'm always focused on my appearance, I don't see myself the way others do, I think I have BDD" - no, you're just insecure. Ahh it bothers me so much.

And the two do need to be treated separately. Once your skin is fixed you will find something else to focus on because of your OCD... the skin is a real issue and needs serious treatment, but so does the OCD. I guess it's just "easier" for people to pass it off as BDD and not want to treat the skin because they're helping you indulge your mental illness or something. It's crazy... I really hope things change for you and that you get help and are listened to.

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I'm worried this is how i'm going to be once I'm clear. I'm in high school righ tnow and my acne is truly diminishing all my confidence, social life, etc.

Everything revolves around my goddamn face.

Good luck i hope the best for you!

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Thanks for the response and encouraging words. It may just be the most positive thing I’ve heard in quite some time. This whole thing is just strange. I have been clear of acne problems besides the occasional little blemish for years now. I was going through a rough patch of bullshit- retail employment (had worked in television and video production for ten plus years), relationship problems, financial problems- and I started to be overly self critical of every aspect of my life, including my face. I started to rub one area of my face thinking it was “too hard”. Not long after I got that situation under control (not very worried about it, not screwing with my face) a vertical line just appeared on my face, no pimple leading to a scar, nothing like that, just boom there it is. So yeah after beating down acne and learning to live with the scars that remained I was pretty pissed about it. Now instead of any scar revision or anything else I am just considered BDD. Pretty shitty

after redeveloping my confidence. Bottom line: if I was never diagnosed OCD and I asked for some help or told someone how I was feeling they may have listened, gave me some credence about my feelings. I have been pre-labeled defective and therefore will not be taken seriously.

This is all too often the case with addicts (I have self medicated with drugs, mainly alcohol to the point of alcoholism) and their recovery. I dated a woman for roughly four years whom I had met in recovery. She had some mental issues going on BPD, depression, etc. mainly stemming from an extremely abusive childhood. Well, guess what happened to her whilst getting mental help? Half of the drugs that could have been effective in treating her were immediately taken off of the table.

It really is a sad state of affairs when after you have been through something traumatic in life that your treatment options are diminished. God forbid you self medicate your obsessive-compulsive symptoms or other mental pain with illegal substances. Or, just forget substance all together. God forbid you are diagnosed with any type mental disorder because from that point on most any problem that arises in your life will be directly connected to that diagnoses by physicians and everyone else in your life. So it goes.

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