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Does Accutane cure hormonal acne?

Hello everyone! I am a 26 yr old female. I have dealt with acne since about 13. When I was a teenager, my acne was bad but tolerable. It got worse in college, but it would have it's really bad days and somewhat good days. Now I am in my late twenties and just had the worst breakout of my life!! It was soo bad that on my first appointment with my derm, he suggested Accutane! Isn't that supposed to be the last thing they give you? And it's not like he is not a reputable derm. He has received lots of awards and very good reviews from other patients. He says my acne is hormonal since it is all situated on my jawline and weirdly totally clear on the middle of my chin, but the jawline is horrific!. It is all cystic and every single lesion was becoming infected with puss and they ranged from huge to very small but would always end up with the white puss filled head!! I know...really GROSS! I was so devastated. I stopped going outside and avoiding friends! I couldn't even hide it with makeup anymore!

I did not have insurance at the time of the appointment, so he gave me a prescription for Spiro and Doxy. I have been on those two medications now for over 2 weeks. Within the first wk, I noticed results. Very slow results but at least the cysts were dying down and less inflammation. I just completed my second week and it's getting better but my face is no where near being healed of course! But at least now I can hide the redness with makeup without looking like I have diseased skin from the cysts! I am breaking out a little now with fresh acne, but i think it's because I am about to start my period soon. Also, I heard Spiro takes a few months to show complete results.

Okay, so finally my question! My derm says I should go on Accutane. But I am wondering if it is hormonal, how will Accutane cure my acne? I feel like I should get some sort of hormonal test to make sure I do not have some sort of underlying medical condition that is throwing my hormones out of whack which it why I have adult acne? I have heard of PCOS, but I have never had an irregular period, not overweight, nor have any dark excess hair, nor skin tags. But I also heard that you do not have to have all these symptoms to have PCOS. Or maybe it's some other hormonal issue?

So for other women out there who have tried Accutane for hormonal acne, did it work? Did it come back? Sigh, I am scared of Accutane and wondering if I should stick with the spiro for now and get other blood work done to check my hormones. Sorry about the super long post. I would love any feedback! Thanks!! :shifty:

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I'm also a 26 year old female who's been dealing with hormonal acne for years. Accutane has major health problems in the long term and i would highly encourage you not to do it.

In the meantime I have a couple suggestions that have worked well for me of late. Make a detailed journal of your acne. Make notes of what day of your cycle you're in and how your skin looks, new cysts, etc. this will help you to see how your hormones are affecting your day to day skin.

most importantly, get your hormone levels tested. if they're out of balance this could explain a lot and you can address those issues without accutane.

good luck!!

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I'm 32 and I have PCOS. I had no symptoms either at 26.

My dermatologist actually brought up PCOS and I went to my GYN to get checked out and it turns out I did have it.

I did two rounds of accutane in high school, many years ago...and they did help with no side effects whatsoever.

But it doesn't sound like what you are dealing with is normal cystic acne. Maybe check with your GYN. Are you taking any BC now? If it is PCOS that's the first thing they are going to suggest. I do like the Yaz and it did help to a degree, but the last six months or so it seems like my acne has gotten much worse so I'm starting Spironolactone now.

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