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What is the best oil to put on your face?

I like cold pressed avocado oil. It feels a little creamy/rich to the touch but absorbs the best out of all the other oils I've tried. Some oils break me out (grapeseed, sesame, coconut, shea) whereas others don't (olive, rapeseed, avocado). I read somewhere that you should try to find an oil that resembles the oiliness of your own skin the best. This way your skin doesn't go haywire trying to correct itself and the oil seems to "sink in".

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Guest pokemonster

well for me personally


wheat sprout- lately been using this and like the most of all ive tried actually, kind of moisturises and takes off redness/inflammation really well,

avocado- somewhat, but i didnt have cold pressed so if its cold pressed probably more effective,

walnut- somewhat, stops working after some time tho,

peach- good at start then stops,

apricot- same ^


olive- break ouuut,

coconut- kinda irritated/inflammed my skin,

grapeseed- kinda no difference,

sesame- nothing happens,

flax seed- nothing

castor- not sure what its supposed to do, it doesnt feel like it moisturises or anything, just heavily sits on skin, idk (same with vaseline btw, not quit like..vaseeliine! your dreams come truee with vaseeeliiineee!! >;O ...at all >_>')

rapeseed- uhh why would u even apply it at all, no.

jojoba- well it works very well at first, then stops working and i thiink induced more blackheads for me, not completely sure tho

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