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Hello everyone! I posted this earlier under an article about how food effects acne...hope this helps someone out there!

I’ve recently been suffering from the acne on the chin and lower jawline which appears more like a rash. It was almost like my skin could not do it’s job and no matter what i did to treat it topically, it did not work (tea tree oil various gentle soaps, moisturizers…alkaline testing, increased water intake…you know the routine). So i’m excited to report that i have simply started taking high doses of raw vitamin c, drastically reduced refined flours and simple sugars (sugar feeds infection) and increased my intake of meats, eggs and protein. I had read an article last week that suggested we need to eat foods that will contain the building blocks of tissue for cell regeneration and healing (meats, eggs, fish). Makes perfect sense! I also take a raw multivitamin each day. My skin has changed drastically in just three days. I was desperate to find a holistic solution! I already knew that food can heal our bodies, but this was particularly exciting because i know this will help so many. If you suffer from acne, consider an internal solution and a holistic approach before you let some doctor put drugs into you body or put chemicals on your skin. Chances are, if you show disease externally, then that could mean there’s turmoil on in your insides too. In my experience acne is most definitely a sign of inflammation and an imbalance in the body. When i began eating less sugar and pure foods, my join pain and inflammation stopped. I feel as good as i did in my twenties. There is a great movie called ‘food matters’ that i watched on netflix a year ago, and it goes into great detail about food and disease prevention. Pure foods (organic meats, fruits, veggies, dairy) are more expensive, but what is the cost later when we suffer from disease because our food was contaminated? I am a homemaker (37) with two kids (17 & 10) and people tell me how healthy i look…i contribute this to my healthy eating (except recently when i was low on protein intake) and vitamin c. Vitamin c one of the most important supplements we need, aside from vitamin d. I am living proof. Change you food = change your life (and have healthy skin!). I truly understand the misery of acne. For those of us who deal with acne, it’s always encouraging to hear success stories. I pray this info helps you! ;o>

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