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Acanya Gel & My regimen

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Hey everyone,

I've been on this site for quite some time, but never really got up the courage to sign up. I've admired everyone's comfort in at least talking about their problems with acne. I'll start with mine.

I'm a 24 year old male, never really suffered from acne until about 19 years old. When it first arose, I did the thing that most people did and went right for the most extreme cleansers/face pads/creams that I could find to eliminate the problem ASAP.

Wrong move...

I always wonder what would have happened had i just accepted that I was a teen and that this was part of life...

I went on Proactiv for about 18 months and was very pleased with the results initially. I believe that my skin built up some immunity/dependence on it, however, and i began to form cystic acne from the wash/cream. The toner didn't seem to hurt anything, but who really knows.

About 3 weeks ago, I decided to stop using the Proactiv. I didn't go cold turkey, I instead used it solely before bed for about 10 days.

I then picked up St. Ive's Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub/Cleanser, since I was convinced that I needed to wash my face daily. The salicylic acid in them seemed to help out at first, but an initial breakout was inevitable I suppose. I'm currently going through what I hope is the end of this IB.

I scheduled an appointment with my dermatologist and he said that I had "razor induced mild cystic acne", which he felt could be fixed pretty easily. I have to shave just about every other day, otherwise my facial hair grows way too long and the oil accumulates, giving me more problems on my facial hair line.

Now you know about me. I know you were wondering :surprised:

I was prescribed 500mg of Tetracycline 2x a day (AM and PM) and Acanya Gel. I was wondering if anyone had success with either of these or as a combination.

I also wanted to know people's stance on not washing my face as often and just using the antibiotics and Gel as a spot treatment, since washing more causes more irritation, which causes more breakouts...etc.

Thanks for any feedback!!

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