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Weeks between refills?

Hi Everyone!

So, I just started Accutane 1 week ago. It was definitely a huge decision given all the side effects, but being 30 and still getting constant cystic zits meant it was worth giving it a shot.

After picking up my first batch, I realized that I would run out about a week before my next derm appointment. I called up and they said Accutane stays in your system for a week, so that would be fine. However, I got a letter last night saying my appointment would have to be pushed back 2 weeks - aka 3 full weeks after I run out of pills. I called and managed to get it moved up by a week, but still, 2 weeks after running out. I then thought it would be smart to book my November appointment early, but even now, the appointment will be 2 full weeks after I run out of my 2nd batch.

This, obviously, is a huge concern. If I have to deal with all the side effects I don't want these lags in between refills. I emailed the doctor and he said make an appointment with his colleague, but his earliest is even later than my doctor's. Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone gone a couple weeks between each refill and been ok?

The obnoxious thing is that these appointments consist of the doctor confirming my 2 forms of birth control. That's it. The blood tests I can do at my leisure. I had asked if a nurse could see me, but I was informed that I could not

I am wondering if skipping doses (1 a week or so) to make each refill last a bit longer could be a band-aid.

I would be grateful for any comments.



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