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hydroquinone darkended my face

Hello guys just looking for some advice. I picked up some hydroquinone 2 % and used it on some of my dark spots on my face, I have a tan complexion. I applied it only twice on my face and then I noticed later on in the day it made my spots visibly darker. The tone of color is darker than my face, it has been a week and a half and the tone is still the same. Just wanted to know is there anything I can do to treat it? will my skin stay like this forever? Thanks for the help!

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Probably the reason nobody responded is because hydroquinone didn't cause the spot to get darker.

First off, you only used 2%.

Secondly, you only used it twice.

Third, you claim the spot got darker in the same day. Impossible, hydroquinone wouldn't work that fast, especially at 2 percent. Unless you had some strange never before seen allergic reaction that causes hyperpigmentation instead of a normal red rash.

Lastly, the only people who have ever experienced skin darkening from hydroquinone, which usually shows up as a blue black color, are black people. Almost all of the reported cases, which are only a handful were reported in Africa by people using like over 20 percent concentration of hydroquinone ALL OVER THEIR BODY including hands, face, arms, back, legs, stomach, etc and their body wasn't able to get rid of the hydroquinone, so they had a side effect with deposits in cartilage.

Look for a different cause of the spot getting darker that exact same day, most likely it wasn't hydroquinone, possibly your imagination by staring at the spot for so long.

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