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Tane Remission for those with Severe Acne

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As far as remission is concerned, I'm guessing the people with the most mild acne will get the longest lasting results. I'm seeing a lot of people posting logs, and checking out their pictures. I am much worse than most of them. It's almost ridiculous seeing people talking about completing their accutane journey when they have like 4 marks to begin with. Makes me like -__- . I would kill to have accutane give me a lot of forum member's pre-accutane skin. I don't need optimistic answers, I want teh truth.

For people with moderate-severe acne, whats the success rate like, and should I except to need a second course in the future? Is this impossible to predict? Right now I'm on month 2 @ 40mg x 2 a day. I'm 6'2 195, and I've seen some tane logs with women on much higher doses with way less acne.

If I want a higher remission rate, should I ask my derm to bump me to 60 or 80? I think she planned to keep me @ 40, but that could possibly be because I told her I was nervous about the side effects.

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I think no one can predict the remission rate as in truth, Accutane only slows down the progress of acne versus curing it forever and ever. Having been on it twice and having it come back twice (after two years acne free), i am realizing that i failed to maintain my clear skin and just simple washed it with soap and moisturized - i was on 30mg twice a day for about 5 months and i had moderate acne. There are risks with bumping up the dosage so take that into consideration, plus there is no guarantee that your acne won't come back. They key i guess is to get into some maintenance treatment after accutane treatment.

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