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RETIN-A or JESSNER PEEL for skin tone and scaring..?

I have been going to the derm. for jessner peels to help with acne, and acne scaring. 30% strength and have had 4 done. They even out my skin tone and help with acne, skin tone and even acne scaring...Its been 3 months sense ive done a peel... Im thinking about getting another peel (my 5th one) OR should I forget about the peel and try RETIN-A?

What do you guys think? Would retin-a help better with my skin tone and shallow scars?

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I have justrecently registered on this site although I have been visiting for a while, in my experience as I have tried retin A gel 0.1% srength, it can actually make scars look worse for me, as i am currently struggling to find a way to make it work without the reddening effect and some may think why not just go on the lower strength but i just dont feel that will work as fast as I need it to, I do beleive in the long run the positive benefits will out weigh the negatives, i have read most of the reviews on makeupalley to keep me going but it appears to be a very slow process possibly years to get desired results, i have resolved to using it once a week, i may up it to twice. Also some people blame retin for thier pitted scars and even worsening it like i feel some times but its a trial thing really.

If the peels are giving you some possitive results id say continue with it, but always do research in everything and stick to the rules so as to not regret i.e. what are the long term effects of multiple JESSNER peels?


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