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Okay, lemme start out with this. I'm 15 and have mild acne. I had several pimples on my penis most were those hair follicles things just about every teen gets. I had one big just plain white pimple. It didn't hurt or nothing, I just thought it would go away.

I started roaccutane (accutane) 3 weeks ago as my acne treatment and last week the big pimple on my penis grew huge. Twice the size. It is now red, a little shiny, painful. Just yesterday i noticed a black tip on the side of it. Now the black tip is a lil bigger and it might continue to grow. It is definitely not a std because I have never had sex or even 3rd base.

It's really painful now and i need to know what it is and how long it will take to go away, if it will go away on accutane. I applied bedadine after my shower today because I researched and it might be infected.

Please help me? I do not want to tell a doctor nor my parents, nor my derma. I will only do it as a last resort. Please don't tell me to do one of these options above.

Extra Information:

I've been on many acne treatments

Including ESS tablets, ery acne, differin

Doxy 50mg, Doxy 100MG, Epiduo

None of these treatments have proved to do anything to the original pimple on my penis.

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sounds to me like an ingrown hair. Happens to everyone sooner or later. your best bet is to leave it alone. If you absolutely must get rid of it then You should get some lancets which are like little sterilized pins you can buy at a drugstore like cvs. Take the lancet carefully poke it in the center, let it drain and then immediately disinfect it with an antibiotic cream such as neosporin. If it does not heal over the next few days and looks infected I would head to the doctor asap.

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