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does anyone feel like they don't want to be seen by their old friends again? I have thought about this for awhile now. and was wondering if i'm the only one :/

i haven't seen my friends for about 6 months now because of my skin condition, little too scared on what they would think of me.. :S

i know this superficial problem isn't to be fussed about.. but i thought to myself "they can WAIT!" my skin is already improving (little optimistic but I'm cool with that lolls :P)

I'm just hoping it's not too late.. i can redeem myself to them in DOUBLE when this "hurdle in my life" is over and done with

please do share some thought ^^

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If they were truly your friends, I do not foresee them making any rude or offensive comments towards you. I'm not sure how old you are, but if you are a teenager it is a completely common condition. and is completely understandable.

If you say your skin is improving already, maybe wait a little bit to build some confidence, but don't let acne hold you back from reuniting with your friends.

There have been times in the past were I was hesitant on going out with friends, but I began to figure out that if they are truly my friends, it wouldn't matter.

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I have cut off all of the friends i had because of how i feel about my skin, even after they still made the time and effort to still want to know me i just snubbed them and made excuses. From my point of view it's a case of 'I hate my skin and i don't want to be seen like this so i'll just stay inside on my own' but from there point of view it is 'he/she is snubbing me, i make an effort and they don't want to know . . . i'm not going to bother anymore'.

It's hard when all you're friends have clear skin but if they are worth having as a friend then they will look past you're skin. Think of any imperfections they have like weight, looks, clothes, personality flaw etc. but it dosen't matter to you and you look past it because they're you're friend. It's not worth cutting yoursef off, i did and it's just made my whole situation a whole lot worse and set back any progress i made over the last few years.

PLUS this whole being a shut away routinel get's $%*£ing boring after a while!

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My acne got really bad just after we moved away from London. I lost touch with many people because I hated the idea of them seeing me in a new light. I pretty much drifted off the map completely. I'm a stay at home mum and not knowing anyone in a new town, with all my confidence gone, I have never felt more isolated and depressed.

Recently, I have been pushed by a couple of events to make touch with people again - I became very anxious at the prospect but I am so glad I did. I had got to the point where I had almost forgotten my old self - and seeing old friends brought it all back to me. Nobody brought up my skin and it was so good to relax with people who actually knew me - it felt like a weight had been lifted. I have also been putting off seeing my old uni friends for ages - they have been trying to arrange a reunion but I have been stalling - I know I will have to sort it out before I really offend someone.

It's definitely worth forcing yourself out there, whatever is going on with your skin.

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