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Nearly Acne Free...

I have struggled for the past 4 years (I'm 31 now) with adult acne- which really seems hormonal in origin. My derm. informed me that women often will get lower face acne when the cause is hormonal. I think I was worse after my second pregnancy 2 years ago with my twins as my body was completely out of whack! My acne was getting SO bad, that it was suggested that I try a 3month course of Minocycline. Really only mild help. The skin clinic I went to suggested I try Vivier skin product- specifically the Oil-control Acne system. Now, I was a little nervous to try as any product with Benzoyl peroxide (proactive, etc) as well as Salyicilic acid makes my skin really red and ends up with more acne; but I was told Vivier has none of these. The specialist advised I try the Toner instead of the Astringint just in case. So I bought the set- the Hexum Cleanser (antibacterial), the toner, the Vit C serum for smooth skin, and the Lexxum (antibacterial moisturizer). No major difference in my acne- just my actualy skin looked softer and very good moisture balance- but more oily than I wanted. So, I went back....and the only difference I tried was buying the ASTRINGINT instead. Instantly after using this within a day or so, noticed major changes. It has been 2 months now and I rarely if ever get ANYTHING on my face. I was getting cysts and lots of nodules on my jawline and neck. Seriously, I think this stuff is liquid gold. I think what technically helped me was that it restored my normal PH of my skin. I am very thankful and wanted to share with everybody as I was seriously considering trying Dian35 but if I don't have to take meds- I am all for that!

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By the way, I am a very healthy eater- lots of veggies and fruits and go to the gym 4 days/week. I tried fish oils and they are good; but didn't notice the difference until I got the PH balanced out with the Vivier Astringent.

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