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Hey all. I've been on this forum for a long time, and have read alot of the information about low gi diet, lectins, sleep, etc etc. I have been extremely strict about my diet for the past year now with a month of slip up in between when I had to have surgery after my appendix ruptured. My acne has been mildly under control, but I just can't get past about 85% clear no matter what I try.

When I went to China this summer, I repeatedly had food allergy problems, so I started to break out big time from that. After I came back, I looked into what might help with food allergies and acne and found kefir/lactoferrin. My inflammation has since gone down but I still cannot become completely clear even while religiously sticking to a diet that I think should be working. Here is my diet:

Every day:

2 Meals.

At each meal I have a pound of non-organic beef and a whole ton of veggies (lettuce,spinach, and/or broccoli)

At night I have some garlic in there too

I use coconut oil to cook the veggies with some salt.

My supplements are these:

Ovega - 3 (Omega- 3) 1500mg/day. has enough DHA and EPA


A ton of vitamin C

4tbs of soaked chia seeds/day

MSM - 1000mg - Weaning off because I don't think it did anything except make nails grow faster

Digestive Enzymes before meals

Lactoferrin - 250mg/day

Milk Kefir - 1qt in the morning 24hour ferment. I make it myself

My omega-3's were bad only about a week and a half ago, plus I was eating a lot of almonds, so I think that might have a little to do with my frustration, but even before then I had this problem.

Right now I only get inflamed acne around my lower lip and have a little non-inflamed there and between my cheeks and nose and on my forehead.

I also have vertical ridges on my fingernails plus low energy levels if that means anything to anyone.

I sleep good and work out every day for at least a half hour.

I am skinny and it is hard for me to gain weight.

I don't wash my face anymore because it always made it a red tone and make it look inflamed. Maybe I should start again or is it really not necessary?

Any suggestions/ comments would be much appreciated.

Keep in mind that I am allergic to fish,soy,citrus,pears,melon,beans,chicken,turkey. Thinking about trying another allergy test soon to see if anything has changed.

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Have you ever had your thyroid checked?

And have you tried an elimination diet? Avoided dairy, gluten completely? Made sure there's no hidden soy in your food or supplements?

And is this acne you have now different from what it was before? Acne that appears in the same spot over and over is often an allergic reaction. At least that's my theory from my own experience and from tons of stories from other people here.

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I had a blood test last year that showed normal thyroid levels, but I've since read that these normal levels aren't always good enough. I will call the doctor to have another test and analyze on my own. My mom actually has hypothyroid.

I've basically been on an elimination diet the whole time since I know what my allergies are with the exception of adding the milk kefir since last month began; but I had been getting the spots there beforehand, only after going to China this summer and experiencing multiple allergy problems. Does it take that long for inflammation to stop cycling?

I really only eat beef and vegetables everyday, because those are the only non grain or starchy foods I am not allergic to. The kefir and probiotics are for a likely leaky gut problem, but has anyone ever heard of food allergies going away as well?

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Oh, btw my probiotic's bacteria were made from soy. I take Primadophilus Optima. I don't know if the soy in that is complete or even enough to cause a reaction?

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Got my blood test done today... My doctor sucks. She saw me for literally one minute and didn't order all of the necessary hypothyroid tests. She only ordered Free T4 and TSH, not the antibody tests or free T3... She also ordered iron and b12 and something to test for diabetes which would be impossible since I haven't eaten over 70g of carbs in a day in over 6 months... If they come back normal I'm going to be mad.

Anyone have diagnosed thyroid problems that can give advice?

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Got my tests back today...

TSH = 3.18

FT4 = 1.4

Within "normal" range... The old normal range according to this http://thyroid.about.com/gi/o.htm?zi=1/XJ&zTi=1&sdn=thyroid&cdn=health&tm=84&f=22&su=p284.12.336.ip_p1051.2.336.ip_&tt=2&bt=0&bts=1&zu=http%3A//media.aace.com/article_display.cfm%3Farticle_id%3D4584

what can i do? I have the symptoms and I'm irritated now

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What allergy tests have you done? Your acknowledged allergies might not be your only, If you've been tested only for immediate IgE antibodies triggered allergy type, you might want to do some further tests for delayed response type allergies, such as IgA driven.

As for the thyroid, I have something nicely called chronic autoimmune thyroid inflammation... Even though my thyroid hormone levels are within a normal range. It's the early stage called the euthyreosis, when the antibodies have not yet impacted the activity of the thyroid. There is actually no cure, you can only take selenium to try suppress antibodies a bit, but that's all. You just have to monitor your hormone levels and try to make up for any disbalances that may appear. But even though it's such an early stage, my thyroid has an altered density, which is noticeable under physical examination, it appears hard, because it has multiple fibrosis developed as scarring where the antibodies kept irritating the tissue. Did your doctor at least examine your thyroid?

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She touched my thyroid for like one second and said it was normal. I actually have trouble swallowing there too... I also have Eosinophilic Esophagitis which could also be that reason even though I am not having allergic reactions. I will try the Selenium for now to see if that helps.

As for the allergy testing, I booked an appointment for next month. My diet is really only beef and lettuce as of now, so unless I'm allergic to either of those I think I am on a pretty good elimination diet. I did a delayed response test before where they stick food on your back for 2 days, but that was only to corn and potatoes and other random things that I won't eat. What tests are there besides RAST and skin pricking for food allergies?

Anyone ever take raw thyroid? OTC thyroid supplement from cows that has thyroid and adrenal tissue along with iodine. Gets good reviews for energy and coldness related symptoms along with people who have hypo... here > http://www.iherb.com/Natural-Sources-Raw-Thyroid-90-Capsules/6016?at=1

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Try getting more of the nutrients needed to make thyroid hormone and taking a few tablespoons of coconut oil per day. and anything else that boosts metabolism and thyroid. Maybe you don't get enough iodine or consume to many goitrogenic foods which inhibit iodine absorption. Also look into adrenal health as that can affect the thyroid.

Find the nutrients and more info here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/230714-good-things-for-acne-cliff-notes-to-clear-skin-health/

And yes, food intolerances can go away when damaged intestines heal and undigested particles don't flow into the bloodstream to be attacked by antibodies.

There is actually no cure,

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