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Who can help?

What doctors/specialists would you reccommend for overall improvement in health? I already have a dermatologist and just a local docter.

What im mainly looking for is a better diet.

(I feel I need someone to help guide me on this diet such as a specialist!)

If you reccommend any other specialists please do tell :)

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No specialist advice,

but I can tell you, my mom is a personal trainer, and when it comes to diets I always feel healthiest when Im eating as she advised,

very little dairy (possibly none)

lean meats,


very little wheats and grains,

more vegitables (raw if possible) and fruits.

plenty of water (64 oz a day)

and VERY little sugar if you can help it.

no trans fats.

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A naturopath.

Yeah. Or I can't think of the term right now but those that follow a combination of both conventional and alternative medicine. Don't look to a conventional medical doctor for diet advice. They'll just give you pills.

My mom just spent a month in a hospital for therapy after a stroke and then broken ankle and I couldn't believe the crap they considered adequate nutrition. She was supposed to heal a broken bone and rebuild neurons on almost no nutrients. And the bone didn't heal while she was there. The doctor said it hadn't healed at all in 4 weeks and would likely need surgery. But 2 weeks after getting out of the hospital and me giving her the supplements that are really needed to heal and better food, they said it was healing great.

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Thank you I just looked up Naturopathy and I am definatly going to make an appointment ASAP. Have you guys ever seen a Naturopathic Doctor?

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If you have the money to spare, it would be beneficial, but keep in mind that pretty much everything they're going to tell you can be found here as well! Of course, they'll be able to give you food allergy tests and the like, which would definitely be beneficial. It'd be worth your time to have a look at the Cliff Notes to Clear Skin Thread here, tons of great information compiled into one thread. It might look big at first, but you'll start to see how things are all related. Best of luck to ya!

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