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I have just registered on this site, however I have been lurking in the dark for the past 5 months.

Through this time I must confess that I have lost a lot of hope following excitement over any new intervention I come accross then reading reviews and other peoples experiences.

BACK GROUND: I am a 25 year old british lady, live in the UK, have been free from acne since i turned 18-20? so 5 or more years free yay

I had no issue with skin problems and did not use any foundation etc till my younger sister introduced it to me about 2 years ago and thats when i first really noticed large pores on my skin, although iv had one ice pick on my nose since i was 18 and also a wide soucer scar on my cheek, but i guess 1-2 scars are soo insgnificant and i really didnt know what they where or cared soo much.

Since using foundation I have experienced episodes of say 30 ice picks/large pores outbrakes (suddenly appear) on my cheeks and forehead and id immediately try different things to get rid including change my make up or wear no makeup, but i could never really give up totally as some may understand hence once things resolved id revert back to wearing foundation.

previously i used a product called NATURAL FAIRNESS SONGYI MUSHROOM LIGHTENING ESSENCE its meant to lighten the skin but i noticed it had the opposite effect severe darkening but with a bonus it tends to tighten the skin and has successfully with the use of other random things erased pores/pitting at one point, i buy it from paks cosmetics and i use it alongside zit zapper or alpha hydrox gel, it may not make sence but i just wanted it to go the ice picks/large pores im not sure what it was at the time really... but eventually it went away and i remember how i felt, rush of confidence more outgoing etc. However i started up again (makeup) and i feel i did the worst thing for my skin as i am oily skinned, i started using revlon colourstay and fell in love with how it looked and got hooked i also used the milk of magnesia diluted method to prevent oil and i feel up to today 6 months later that this is a strong contender for the cause of my current perdicament. My theory is that blocking up the oil caused my oil glands to go into over drive and eventually expand due to lack of exit hence the pores enlarging on the surface and eventually taking a pitted look.

Anyway, I am pleading for assistance for a product called TRE CLEARE AMERICAN SKIN RENEWAL LOTION.

I used to get this product here in the UK but as it contains Hyroquinone it is banned in the UK, this lotion does serious magic for pitted/large pores and resurfacing? acne also.... i used to use it about 5-6 years ago since the ban... one bottle lasted almost a year or more as i only used it on my face when needed, remember that soucer scar i mentioned? well this used to almost make my skin like a slate lol no bumps no nothing i beleive it was sooo powerfull and resurfaced/rapidly renewed the skin only problem is that it lightened my complexion drastically hence i used it minimally.... and certainly using this i needed NO MAKE UP just gorgeuos skin tight smooth skin, ingredients that i feel contributd to the magic now that im older and wiser is that it contained:







Those are the ones i remember but it had an extensive ingredient list and since i couldnt find it anywhere i tried using products with similar ingredients without success. I currently have like a mixture of large pores which will disapear when i use AHA or that fairness essence i mentioned a the begining but due to self TCA cross (i totally regret, as scars became more rounded visible and just a nuisance) in simple terms holes all over.

Since reading countless threads here I have come to understand that most treatments widen scars, make it worst or just dont give full results and need further interventions.... i just want to try tre cleare renewal lotion before i plan my next step so PLEASE if anyone has seen it i am willing to pay tripple the price to get it, I have also contacted my previous supplier without success atleast to know the manufacturers details etc, iv contacted people on ebay still awaiting outcome. If this works like it did in the past for one soucer scar smoothing the surface and rapidly renewing although i found when i used larger quantities it will cause a minor burn etc even if it helped atleast for pores i beleive a nieche would be identified nothing ventured nothing gained thanks.

by the way i also am trying retin a gel 0.1% and really strugling with it will use it once a week for a while to see how that works

considering fillers but not too sure if thisis effective for ice picks as alot of things arnt.

Please as many input as possible on this thread and more appreciated is if someone finds this product in their locality and help me get hold of it I am prepared to pay a reasonable price we all know how badly these scars effects us right now I am at the end of my tolerance of these pitts, really ruining my life and im just too scared to try lasers and surgical stuff at this present time till i exhaust all other avenues sooo please help me and potentially others.


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I am pleading for assistance, someone please respond. All i ask is for any willing person/persons to also look for this product in thier area, once i get hold of it i promise to update my progress with pictures also, I really beleive this can help me to some extent and others.


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I am still hoping someone will come across the tre cleare lotion, please if you are that person message me.

I give my word i strongly beleive this lotion will help me and others it really tightens and its not a temp effect as its also a little drying, atleast i know with this within a week or so i would not need to wear foundation and from there it will also treat the smaller ice picks and smooth out the rest i give my word. All i need is assistance to locate it, i am still searching, i just fear it has been discontinued. It sounds like a french product but i have no idea its origin i only used to get it from a black hair and beauty store in the uk called AFRO WORLD but everytime i approach them they act scared like i am going to report them for selling a product with hydroquinone although i know some stores still carry these types of products just that the ones i know have never herd of TRE CLEARE AMERICAN SKIN RENEWAL LOTION and i believe its due to the combination of its ingredients although the percentage of each was not listed that makes it soo powerfull, it was like a white gel like lotion inside in a white bottle. I have decided to request it on this site i feel its my last option before jumping on the surgical wagon, by the way retin A gel is a no no for me, my skin just cant tolerate it.... and iv read in other forums that it is actually causing scarred pores although my mum uses and loves it for anti ageing. :(


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