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Are we on to something with the ban on deodorant?

This could be the most useless post ever posted, but I felt it was worth mentioning. Over the course of the last four days my skin has been getting better, and I mean much better. I've eaten two pizzas, a cup of Ben and Jerrys, a slice of cheesecake, have slept at all odd hours of the day, constantly touching my face, and done just about anything else that could be considered bad for you skin. Why I say such a post could be useless is because I've changed multiple things over the last 4 days and I really have no idea what could've helped. I will systematically list the things I've done differently then talk about other on going treatments:

1. Have used no deodorant. (A theory I read in another thread about allergic reactions to titanium oxide)

2. Stopped washing my face with Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo (was recommended by cvd after her son noticed a decrease of acne after using it)

3. Have used no mouthwash.

4. Have showered once in the four days and used just water to cleanse my face.

My typical routine has been showering twice day, using the tea tree shampoo each time. I tend to get a new breakout every few days just as the last one was leaving red scars. So I had a small break between school days and decided to just throw everything to the wind and see what happens. However, I did keep on my regimen of 1000mg of B5, 1000mg of L-Carinite, and 2 fish oil pills before going to bed every night (which use to be 500mg before doubling it a couple weeks ago). The results have been promising, I need to shave to make sure nothing is hiding under my facial hair, but my forehead and temples (which have been the biggest problem areas) are comfortably healing the big berthas I got before my break from school with no new developments. My pores on the other hand have been getting worse with nothing really left to keep them exfoliated.

My theory on the whole experiment (and I use the term oh so very loosely) is that the shampoo was irritating my skin and with it out of my routine the vitamins have been able to keep my skin in check. I will slowly add the things I listed above back into my routine leaving the shampoo as a face wash for last and start with deodorant (I stink :confused: ).

Will keep you updated with new developments.

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Ach --- sorry the tea tree shampoo added to your problem! It worked for my son but everyone's different. Again - sorry!!! Personally that shampoo is too strong for my skin. I'm also avoiding deodorant based on recent research I read about the ingredients and possible skin irritation. "Naturopathic doctors, and even some mainstream doctors, believe that aluminum toxicity is responsible for many ailments including acne. Acne is really a disease of the skin in some ways, and any buildup of toxins in your body, eventually finds it way out through the skin in the form of acne blemishes"

The research is going into why so many adults are now suffering from blemishes. From what I've read there is concern about dairy hormones, flouride, tarter control, whiting and sensitive toothpastes, and deodorants. That all of these things can aggravate already sensitive skin, especially acne. These are inflammatory agents.

Worth a try to avoid these things...

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I moved house about 4 months ago. It was only down the road so me and my flat mate did it all by hand over 3 days and it's safe to say I stunk by the end of the day. This made me buy deodorant for the first time in years and once I moved into my new house I started breaking out badly again.

I blamed it on the water, because every time I have moved for the first week or two I break out and I assume it's the water, but I started to think it could be deodorant, but for the fact that when I sprayed my armpits I was convincing myself any that misses must get me in the face. So I stopped using it. Things have got slightly better, but nowhere near what I was like before I moved, which was essentially clear.

Now I'm starting to think it might be the fragrance that I wear. Before I moved I used Old Spice and since I've moved I re-bought a deisel spray I used all the way up to my early twenties. I stopped using it for a few days and things seemed to improve. I'm going to stop using it and pick up some Old Spice tomorrow so I can still smell of something.

Just want to mention I wasn't spraying fragrance on my face, but actually my neck.

Anyway the point I'm trying to get at, is that it might not just be deodorant. I'll see how things go and either report back here, or if the improvements really are significant, start a thread.

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Try Crystal Body deodorant. I've been using it for a few months and haven't looked back. The best part is that since it's pretty much just salt, it doesn't ruin my shirts the way traditional deodorant does.

On top of using it under my arms, I also use it on my face and I'm convinced it has helped with breakouts. I had been at the beach and noticed my skin looked so much better after spending time in the ocean. Looked around these boards for info about that and stumbled on a thread recommending the stuff for acne, so I gave it a shot. My routine is to put it on my face about an hour before bed and then rinse off before going to sleep. I should also note that I keep two separate sticks; one for face and one for body. Anyway, I highly recommend it. There are some stores that sell it so you don't have to order online (mine comes from Whole Foods), it's cheap, and it lasts forever.

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I'm on Day 29 without using antiperspirants, I switched to Tom's of Maine Unscented Deodorant, and couldn't be any happier with the results! I don't think this is any fluke here, do some reading up on aluminum toxicity, and you may be surprised! I revived a thread in the Natural & Holistic section, and explained my theory about aluminum entering the body through your armpits, and into your lymph nodes. I had a bunch of haters and nysayers chew my ass out! Aluminum is just another poison to put into your body for no apparent reason! I tried incorporating some probiotics into my regimen, but I don't think they helped very much. I dropped the probiotics, and have now incorporated some raw garlic into my regimen, a very good natural antibiotic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory.

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