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Guest james123321

Do You Think I Should Try Accutane?

Guest james123321

I've come a long ways with my acne and honestly it isn't THAT bad compared to some pictures I have seen- but it still drives me nuts.

Actually I think that I worry more about it when there is less active spots if that makes sense. Like everyone will tell you I have tried it all.

I probably have about 5 active pimples on my face 2 of which decided to start coming through today. Its just been years and years and I want to get this shit off my face permanently.

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Yes I am agree with you. but i have a question when we change some profile setting why its not saved all successfully

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All I will say is I have health problems ever since I took it (3 years ago), not fun health problems. And unless you have severe acne and were highly contemplating suicide, then it's just not worth it. Accutane can effect your health in many ways, they call it the last resort for a very good reason.

It's easy to get blinded by acne, you tend to want to do anything to fix it, it's nice to think a simple pill can fix your problem, but it can also cause many. I went on it thinking absolutely nothing would happen, and I was on a low dose for only a month, and sure enough problems occurred and I really regret it. I can't force you to do anything, but I'm seriously suggesting you not to make the same mistake I did.

I really doubt you've tried it all, there's TONS of stuff out there.

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