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Benzoyl peroxide allergic reaction or just normal side effects?

Hey guys,

Sorry if this seems redundant, but I have been reading these forums for awhile and couldn't find anything exactly matching my case. So I thought I'd reach out to you all for help! :)

I'll try to keep my story short and to the point. I'm 22, and within this last year I have been battling sudden chin acne. I have never really had a whole lot of acne problems in the past. I am having a hard time finding something that works for me. The only thing that came close to actually noticeably improving my skin was BenzaClin. However, after a couple days of usage, I developed pretty bad redness, swelling, and dryness. It was enough for me to conclude that it wasn't "normal". The thing that set it off the most for me was a metallic/blood taste I had in my mouth. It was horrible! I immediately stopped using the BenzaClin, and it took a couple days for my skin to return to normal. Other than the reaction I had, that was the best stuff ever. I didn't get pimples for like 2 weeks! I called my doctor's office and they said that it was probable I was just allergic to the BP, and not the clindamycin in the BenzaClin.

After many trial and errors with medications, I have become desperate and thought maybe I'd give BP another try (since we don't know for sure that I am allergic to it). I bought Neutrogena's On the Spot treatment (which is just 2.5% BP), and only put it on a small area on my chin to test. I woke up this morning with my acne looking better, but I had some mild redness in the area where I applied the treatment. Throughout the day, I have had mild ongoing itching develop in that same area. It is tolerable, and I use a good moisturizer.

My question to you all is, should I keep up with testing that same area or is it too much of a risk if I am actually allergic to it? I understand that redness, etc. is common with BP treatment, but when should those side effects subside? Will they get worse before they get better? Another thing to note here is that I didn't start getting a reaction to the BenzaClin until after a couple days of usage, whereas I reacted to this milder treatment overnight. I do everything I can to take good care of my sensitive skin, and I have done extensive research on the best products for me to use. I use a mild cleanser and moisturizer, I wash my pillowcase often, I wash my face twice a day, etc. I am open to all comments and questions. I guess my final question for you guys is, if I do indeed get an allergic reaction from this BP, is there a product out there that has similar properties to BP that I could use? It just seems like that's the only ingredient that works for me.

Thanks for your time and I appreciate all advice! :wub:

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It's so hard to say. Everyone's skin is so different and reacts differently to different treatments. That's the riddle of acne. BP is amazing when it works for your skin when healing acne. It worked very quickly to heal mine...then in a moment it turned on me. I cannot use BP. Reddness. Itching. Superficial bumps. It heals the acne but the pain you go through with the reddness and itching is not worth it. What is that solving? Your trading one problem for another. You are taking every step possible to clear your skin...BP may not be right for you? I use SA without any reaction. It's not nearly as good (in my opinion) as BP. But..that is what I can use and my skin can handle.

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