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Red Alert

Well, this is painful and annoying.

Hi everyone! Let me first start off by saying, wow, an acneforum? I had no idea one existed. Good idea! I don't suffer from acne that often. I get one or two zits here or there, but they stick around-for months. I'm also prone to boils on the insides of my thighs, but haven't had one in almost a year (knockonwood). Fun!

Anyway! For some reason, my face has decided to break out into about 15-16 giant, red, irritated...well, I think its cystic acne. There's no head, and usually (I swear I'm done picking at it) only this clear liquid came out, but occasionally a little bit of pus. I've tried lots of things- regular acne products, tooth paste, clay masks, etc. I don't normally use commercial products, but after my "natural" ones did nothing, I was desperate.

Thing is, I don't think they're big enough to warrant going to the doctor to lance them, and my mom keeps telling me just to quit touching them and they'll go away. But the thing is, they won't. They'll shrink, but stick around for a month or two, and right now they're really painful.

I don't know what brought them on, but does anyone have any other ideas I can try before going to the doctor? I'm at the end of my rope, here. I look and feel hideous.

I can definitely provide a picture-not that I think you guys want to see it or anything. But yeah. Advice and etc appreciated.

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im a huge proponent of the cortisone shots now. stop picking at them or you'll cause the infection to go even deeper in your skin and cause even worse scarring. definitely go to the doctor! aside from mine (lol) most people who get a little zap of a cortisone shot is enough to get them to go away. yeah yeah dont touch/dont pick i hear that all the time. mirrors are your worse enemy! just wash your skin with gentle face wash and get an appointment. they'll tell you what to do best. why bother wasting your time on any more masks/toothpaste/etc.

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