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Hi guys,

I am a 27 year old girl, who is seriously considering accutane. I have had acne since I was 14, and none of the antibiotics or topical treatments have ever worked for me.. Acne is kind of ruining my life, because I will only go out with my friends if I am going through a "good patch" and can cover up my acne well with makeup.

The is one thing that concerns me. and that is my use of contact lens. I generally work alone during the week, so I choose to wear glasses, but when I go out or I am around friends, I always wear contacts. This means that I am generally wearing contacts a couple of days a week, and I consider this very important for my feelings of self confidence and how i feel about myself. My prescription is high, so I don't really have the option of going without.

As someone who does not wear contacts everyday, is it likely that I would be fine wearing them? I can live with "some" discomfort if I can look good, but I don't wanna damage my eyes, or blind myself!! On the other hand, never being able to wear my contacts again would probably have just as negative affects on my social life as having acne. (I am just being honest here)

Is there anyway of monitoring eye dryness during drug use, and discontinuing of eye damage becomes apparent? or will dryness be servere and permenant after use? I am quite vain so I can live with slight dryness or itching, but there is a limit!

thanks for your thoughts on this matter,


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I for one.. didn't have any problem with my lenses while on Accutane, It shouldn't be a problem but I was using soft contact lenses which I think may would help with the dryness, if it occurs. But never hurts to ask you're derm.

You should be fine (: good luck on you're tane journey, keep us posted.

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I am on 2nd course of tane and have got a very high prescription too. But I didn't face any severe dryness. I would suggest u to use dry eye drops just before u put lenses on. They do help alot. I only use daily disposable so I would suggest the same to u

and u shud be ok. no need to stop looking beautiful while on tane....


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