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Seafood and acne?

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Is there a correlation between the consumption of seafood (especially crustaceans) and an acne flare-up? I had a large bowl of New England Clam Chowder this past weekend, and woke up with three pimples the next day. Coincidence?

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yep I went to fridays las night and I had fried shrimps and I couldnt resist so I had about two of them. Im now paying the price of 3 fat pimpes around my temple/forhead sad.gif its not fair but they are dying quicly thank god.

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really? that sucks because i love seafood. i thought the omega fats in fish were supposed to be good for your health?

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Omega 3 in seafood has anti-inflammatory function. It's supposed to help you skin. Maybe it was other stuff that come with seafood?

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I think you should avoid shellfish like shrimp, crab, sleeve-fish, etc.

However, salmon and tunny are generally considered safe.

Well, since iodine in seafood is an acne aggavation agent, why not take cold pressed salmon oil instead? In that way, you can get enough omega-3 and meanwhile stay away from iodine.

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