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Pos. Accutane Exp. - Had to tell.

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In 1997 my 11 yr. old son had big, red, nasty, underskin cysts on his little face. Kids thought he had chicken pox! I knew better because my husband still suffered from adult acne. Dad had deforming cysts,(his temple area) and hugh pimples on his back & face where he didn't have a red scar. Hubby said he had never met anyone with worse skin than he had. He had been to a Dr. when he was young but his mother told me he left bloody and he would never go back. He tried tetracycline & sun lamps in the 70's and got a little releif from whiteheads, but the cycts were still bad he said. We took our son in 97 & he was put on a low dose Accutane regime from Feb.97 - May 98. He took I pill every other day for 6 months. then one every 3 day for 6 months and half a pill every 3 day for the last 3 months. He really cooperated with monthly blood tests, appointments, sunblock & a reccomend skin care routine - great I thought for being male & a busy athlete. His skin glowed within 5 months!! When he was 15 and the other boys looked pimply, he kinda looked out of place with his very clear skin. He had been very oily like his Dad at a young age and never got overly dry. He never suffered a side effect. (they didn't even have depression on the list back then) He is now 25 and in grad school and runs daily and has great skin. In Sept. 98 we brought his 18 month younger brother - who did not have as bad of skin at 11yrs. but still worse than the other boys at school. His routine was the same but for only 1 year. Thank God & husband's job for medical insurance! He had great results too. They are both happy about the decision we made to take them and wonder who they would be without Accutane & their Dr. They both scoff at possible future side effects, but I remind them to keep a healthfull eye. So far, so great !!

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Thanks for sharing!

Do you remember what dose your son was on? I think 11 is too young to be taking Accutane but I'm glad it helped without side effects.

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